/  News   /  《NEW》PINK GOLDEN CUP is debut!

A new version of the golden cup that can be used as a prize for the popular performance “unboxing ceremony” has been released! !

Pink golden cup with an attractive sharp design♡
As a performance at the reception, all the guests opened a wooden box all at once!Who has a pink golden cup? That person is Lucky person!

The winners will receive a small gift from the two of the couple and will be asked to give a surprise speech! ?Please enjoy and use this as an opportunity to create your original performance.

Of course, you can specify that lucky person, it is also possible to secret order without knowing who will win until the day of the event! (be randomly)

Please feel free to ask us!

Target items…

Le seul free cup

※Regularly put an normal golden cup
If you would like to use this pink golden cup, please be sure to let us know when ordering.

※For orders of 20 or more Le seul free cups, you can receive a limited edition of 1 golden cup if you want.
I’m sorry you cannot use this golden cup when you order short cup pair.