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Open Ceremony

Party performance

A wedding is a special time for the guests as well.
That’s why INTHE MOOD is designed to make guests happy.
We have a little trick ready for you.
Why don’t n you share a fun time with everyone and create a wonderful performance?

Le Seul

“Open ceremony” using Le seul free cup


First, welcome each guest with their own letter as a place card.

It’s a modest production, but it’s sure to put a smile on your face the moment you take your seat.



At the MC’s signal, open the wooden boxes all at once!
The reason why each cup has a different expression and is unique in color and shape is because each cup is selected with the image of each person’s name in mind.
The conversation is lively as they show their cups to each other.


If you got a gold cup, you’re in luck! !
Surprise the winning guests with a small gift. You can of course gift it at random, but you can also gift it to a person of your choice. How about a special gift for someone you have cared for in the past or someone celebrating a birthday or other anniversary?

※This is a script that uses golden cups and gold rings.

Who orders Le seul over 20 cups, you can add a golden cup for only 1 person if you want.
Who orders Glass Le seul over 20 cups, you can add a golden ring cup for only 1 person if you want.
(However, you can’t add golden cup for the item of short cup pair)



We are updating the latest information in real time, such as how the gifts are being made and what the bride and groom have received from the ceremony!