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Le seul Free cup

¥3,850 (税込)

The design for one and only. The word for one and only. A stylish production that welcomes guests with their own characters “The only gift in the world”
We write the guest’s name with all our heart in calligraphy or modern calligraphy. What happens when you sit down? If you take it in your hand, it will naturally make you smile. We select with imaging of your name, so you can enjoy the color and shape after opening. It is also a nice point that there is a sense of unity as a match. In addition, the warmth of wood is perfect for Japanese atmosphere and natural table coordination. Since the table is where guests spend the most time, it is an important point where you can express the theme and concept of the wedding, create the atmosphere of the entire venue, and directly convey your hospitality and gratitude. How about enjoying the table coordination according to the image of the two of you?

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Put your favorite letters on the wooden box
Kanji: 1 letter
Hiragana: up to 5 letters
Calligraphy: first name



Le seul free cup One and only gift in the world


Wedding reception is a special time not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests.
That’s why we promote small tricks which makes the guests happy.
Why don’t you share the happy moment with everyone and create a wonderful performance?


First of all, each guest is greeted with their own letter, and although it’s a small production, it’s sure to put a smile on their faces the moment they take their seats.

The gift from the couple becomes a small ceremony where everyone opened the wooden box at the signal from the MC.
The reason why each cup has a different expression and is unique in color and shape is because each cup is selected with the image of each person’s name.
The conversation is lively as they show each other their cups.
This is a production that you can thoroughly enjoy even if you spend time with just the two guests before entering the venue.


For orders of 20 or more “Le seul free cups”, you can add a limited-edition golden cup.
You can make it a surprise event by preparing a small gift for the guest who gets the golden cup.
You can gift it at randomly or specify it. How about a special gift for someone you have cared for in the past, or someone celebrating a birthday or other anniversary?

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A number of works created by potters with their wishes for happiness, using their own techniques and commitment.
The unique harmony created by the colorful tones is a one-of-a-kind item that brings out the individuality of each artist.

A Japanese calligrapher or modern calligrapher will carefully write your favorite characters on the wooden box.
Why not include your guest’s name as well as your feelings of gratitude, such as “Thank you,” in the gift?
Even words that are a little shy to say out loud will surely make you smile if you add them gently.


t is a gift that gives you a sense of warmth because it is made by hand. Moreover, the appearance of the item in the paulownia wood box exudes elegance and is perfect for a happy start.
Since it is filled with the one and only feeling in the world, it is sure to immediately extend the feeling of hospitality to your relatives and superiors. It will be a wonderful gift that will remind you of your wedding every time you use it in your daily life.







First of all, it’s fine to have a rough schedule, so please order as soon as possible. Quantity changes and cancellations are accepted up to two weeks before the delivery date. Please check “How to order” and fill out and submit the letter application from at least 2 weeks before the delivery date.

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at least 2weeks before your wedding if the quantity is under 5
1 month before your wedding if the quantity is over 6