We went to the wedding reception of INTHEMOOD staff N!

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In the wedding industry, we are a gift brand that doesn’t appear on stage..

We would like to introduce the thoughts and messages we felt while attending her wedding as a “wedding guest report” ♡


■staff A’s voice 

A very cute and stylish venue, typical of staff N-chan

Our products, which we see every day, were standing there dignified, and it seemed like something very sacred, filled with the feelings of both of us!

I was so moved by seeing our products so beautifully displayed that I couldn’t stop crying even in the very started point of the day.

The first open ceremony I experienced was even though I knew there was a glass cup inside (which cup was a surprise for the members attending the wedding), I couldn’t stop my heart pounding and the moment I opened it, I burst into tears…

It was a huge success, with more excitement throughout the venue than I expected!

The guests around us erupted in loud cheers, and even I felt proud of ourselves.

I’m happy and happy…

Every time I take it out of the cupboard, I remember that moment and smile every time.

I still use it carefully

When I experienced Le seul’s unboxing party as a guest, I felt that it was even better than we had imagined. It is a very important time on the wedding day. Being able to help with the happy and once-in-a-lifetime anniversary of a wedding made me realize once again how important our job is. 

Although we will not be able to witness the wedding of the two people who order our products, we will do our best to ensure that the couple and their guests are happy and that they are not disappointed. I wanted to deliver it to you.

Anyway, I do LOVE wedding ceremony!!

I am truly grateful for being able to help with such a happy moment!


■staff U’s voice

The wedding of our staff member N-chan, who has a great sense of style that represents our company!

I was in charge of ordering from the time her wedding was decided until the day of the wedding♡

First of all, the moment I enter the venue, how cute space… The combination of the hexagonal wooden box and the flowers was so stylish and cute that I impressed and cried at that moment.

It was my first time to experience Le seul’s unboxing party, and I was moved by the excitement and power of the performance that involved the entire venue, which can only be experienced on the spot, and I couldn’t stop crying.

The glass cup inside was a surprise for us until the day of the wedding, which staff N chose it at the showroom!

Her choice of my glass that I really love it…unstoppable happy tears!!

I use it every day♡

After attending N-chan’s wedding, Once again I felt how wonderful weddings are, and realized once again how much of a role the items we propose play in the ceremony

We are deeply grateful to everyone who orders our items.

We at In the Mood will do our best to help you, taking pride and responsibility in entrusting you with your precious time!

Again for N-chan, congratulation on your wedding!!

Wishing you all the happiness in the world!