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Our wedding has ended successfully. From guests that cups are so cute and easy to use and has a very good reputation. I also use it everyday. It’s very nice texture and love it!


-We received wonderful photos and comments from Ms.S who had her wedding ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka on August 15th. Due to the corona guidelines, we have to keep distance between the guests’ seats, therefore the table can look lonely in the coordination. By using an alternative to place cards or as a table coordination item, placing gifts on the table will create a three-dimensional effect and brighten up the table. Wedding flowers are often expensive and the more you add, the higher the price. You can give extra hospitality to table coordination within the budget of the gift. “My mug” is perfect for the atmosphere of a luxury hotel. It is a mug that is easy to use with a simple design that is easy to match with any coordination. Ms.S, Thank you for the photo.
From all the staff