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I ordered Le Seul free cup and rice bowl of In The Mood as a place card and a gift. Since I saw you on Instagram for the first time, I decided I’ll use this. The handwriting of this name is good, and rice bowl inside are good. It was love at first sight. Normally, In The Mood would pick the color baced on the guests’ name, but we asked the guests for their favorite color and put it in the box. When I looked back at the photos, I thought it was a good idea to ask them to hold the cover with my name on it and take a picture with the contents inside taken out. I made a lot of small changes, but it was really helpful that you always responded quickly^^


-This couple gave away Le Seul rice bowls and free cups by their guests. Le Seul’s paulownia box is perfect for a natural space filled with the warmth of wood! I would be happy if you could use it as a souvenir for a special day. It’s a keepsake item that everyone will remember.
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