Mr. and Mrs.Y

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I chose “My mug” from Kyoto’s pottery brand of In The Mood because my husband was born in Kyoto. Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki traditional craftsmen use the “Itchin” technique to put their names on each cup one by one. The matching mug will be an anniversary gift, and I found this one that can be used not only as a gift but also as a place card, and decided, ordered it immediately! I am very happy that everyone used it when I go back to my parents’ house or my husband’s parents’ house. We had our own one, and set it on our seat too. I am very happy because this is the first time to see the real one. I feel so special to have my name on it.


-Congratulations on your marriage. It’s a nice coordination with the menu cards in the My mug rubbers. We were also happy to see your face filled with happiness.
From the staff