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I decided to do In The Mood free cup opening ceremony during my wedding reception. It matches the natural table decorations, and I prepared a place card, but their name are written on the wooden box. It seems that it was very good reaction. The opening ceremony was held immediately after we entered the reception hall. The MC announced about the cup which the craftsman made them all handmade, and all different, one-in-the-world with person’s name imagined select the color of the cup was announcing. We also enjoyed gold cup program that was a lively event. We gave these lucky persons the gifts which is famous ra-men in our local area, and took photo together. For children, we ordered single short cup in a wooden box that is one size smaller. That parents were so delighted to have prepared children’s one too. At the end of the ceremony, we gave same cups for our wedding planner and flower shop who was in charge of the venue decoration and bouquet as a surprise gifts, and they were very pleased. It was the first time I’ve seen a performance like this! I’m so glad to have a cup with my name on it! I received a lot of joyful voices from our guests.